Thomas Hucker

When Thomas Hucker was growing up outside Philadelphia he was drawn to the arts and began painting while in high school. Then at an American Crafts Council show featuring the work of some of the country’s leading wood artisans, Thomas found his calling.

This lead to an apprenticeship under a fifth generation German cabinetmaker Leonard Hilgner where Thomas learned about fabrication and composition, as well as about the great traditions of European and Asian furniture making from Beidemeir to Ming Dynasty.

Then it was on to a 3 ½ year stint in Boston University’s Program in Artisanry, where Thomas met his mentor Jere Osgood, whose work was rooted in Scandinavian traditions. Simultaneously, Thomas became deeply involved in Japanese tea ceremony studies. The two influences fused and gave Thomas a unique design perspective that influences his work even today.

Upon receiving a Fulbright scholarship, Thomas went to Japan to continue his studies before embarking on a special program at the Domus Academy in Milan, Italy that focused on developing concepts as a means of generating design.

Best known to a select group of top galleries and museums that feature his designs and to a devoted group of private collectors, Thomas works out of a studio in Hoboken, New Jersey and lectures in the US and Japan. He is the recipient of numerous awards, grants and fellowships.

Thomas Hucker’s expertise includes not only design and meticulous construction, but incorporates an astute understanding of finishes, veneers and the unique properties and potential of dozens of rare and exotic woods.